Workshop Agility / Agile Working

Many companies start an agile transformation too quickly. The implementation of popular agile methods or frameworks is very tempting and promises quick success.

However, it is not a method that makes a team successful, but the team that makes a method successful.

With this workshop we would like to convey a basic understanding of agility / agile working (fundamentals), which is a prerequisite for a meaningful agile transformation or organizational development. Only with this understanding will it be possible to identify meaningful and effective measures for your own organization.

In this workshop, designed to last two days, we will discuss and debate with the participants the following topics, among others:

    • What is agility?
    • In which context does agility make sense?
    • Why is agility so important today?
    • What are typical collaboration killers in an organization?
    • What does leadership mean in an agile context?
    • How are decisions made?
    • What makes a high performance team?
    • Why doesn’t the mindset of people need to be worked on?
    • What is the role of value creation?

    The content covered in the workshop consists in each case of a theoretical part, which imparts the knowledge on the respective topic, as well as a practical exercise to reflect on one’s own experiences / situation.

    We can conduct the workshop both as a face-to-face event and remotely.


    Workshop Agility