Kerstin & Nico Bresler

For sustainable work that adds value

Solving real problems –
What we do and why

Today’s market environment is complex and shaped by surprises. We advise and support companies in their organizational development so that they can work in this environment.

It is not our claim to solve your business problems – we can’t do that. Instead, we help you to change the way you work together so that you can solve future, unknown problems yourself.

Because that is the reason why your company exists:
The customer’s problem must be solved!

During our professional life so far we have often observed how time and energy were wasted. Many companies deal mainly with internal problems. The external problem – that of the customer – is no longer the focus.

We help you to bring real problems – those of your customers – back into focus and to align your cooperation accordingly.

How we work

With each other for each other.

With each other for each other

Complex problems can only be solved together in a team. Everyone contributes a part, and everyone supports each other in achieving the common goal – solving the problem.

With each other for each other also means:
Working together with the customer to solve the problem.

Everything we do pays into solving the customers problem.Solving the customers Problem

The identification and common understanding of the problem is the first step. Everything that follows always pays off in solving the problem.

Constant reflection and communication is necessary for this.

We place more emphasis on principles than on rules.Principles and Rules

To operate in compliance with the law, every company must follow rules.

But most rules in projects – working on customer problems – have nothing to do with conformity. Rules are simply “loud”: They prevent thinking and the best possible entrepreneurial action.

Principles, on the other hand, are “quiet”: they encourage thinking along with others and accepting responsibility.

Wherever possible, we work with principles instead of rules.

We emphasize voluntarism.

We emphasize voluntarism

Intrinsic motivation is the basis for successfully solving a problem.

Freedom of choice helps to ensure that the best possible team can be found to solve a problem. It enables people to think about where and how they can best collaborate.