Price model: Value-based pricing

We are convinced that many companies and businesses are interested in value-creating, meaningful and sustainable work, and would make use of external support, but decide against it at the thought of the common daily and hourly rates.

We want to change that.

Based on the information from the initial interviews, we offer a clearly described service, tailored to your situation. It is our claim that you can continue to work independently with the results.

We work with the “Value-based Pricing” price model.

You will receive a fixed price from us, with full transparency on our expenses: time required for preparation and follow-up as well as implementation, material and other costs.

If it takes longer to perform the agreed service, we will not charge you additionally. So you will know exactly what you get for your money and what you can expect.

No hidden costs, no mandatory follow-up bookings due to unclear work results, no contingent over flat-rate described services.

Value-based Pricing