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Agile transformation and methods

Workshop – Fundamentals of Agility

In this two-day workshop, we will cover the fundamentals of agility. Together with the participants, we discuss and debate questions, such as: What is agility? In which context does it make sense? How does leadership work and how are decisions made?

We understand this workshop as a foundation for an agile transformation or organizational development. Read more here….

Knowledge transfer – Agile methods

What are agile methods? How do the respective methods work? What are the areas of application?

In this module, we impart the necessary knowledge about the most common agile methods. Which methods are these? Click here…

Operational support

You need operational support and collaboration for your agile transformation? You need moderation of workshops or retrospectives? You need coaching and training for the introduction of agile methods? Then it goes here…

Organizational Development - Agile Transformation and Operational Support