Operational Support

You can talk a lot about changes. But in the end, they have to be implemented. And that requires cooperation and operational support.

We support you in the following topics:

Agile Transformation

An agile transformation can include, among other things, applying what has been learned from the “Agility” workshop in one’s own organization. This can be done, for example, in the role of an “Agile Coach”, as a team member in a corresponding team, or as a moderator / facilitator. The role, the activities or the scope of tasks depend on the agile transformation of your company.

Introduction of Agile Methods

When you are ready to introduce agile methods in your organization, we are happy to support your teams as an Agile Coach.

Moderation of workshops and retrospectives

Moderation and collaboration in one person is usually difficult. You are looking for a moderator? We offer preparation, implementation and follow-up for workshops or retrospectives.

We offer operational support both in presence and remotely.

Operational Support