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“The sustainability of our work is more important to us than billing hours.”

Kerstin Bresler – LinkedIn

Much like Neo, for whom the red pill in the movie “Matrix” changes his view of his world, systems theory has changed my understanding of organizations and how people work together.

Have you ever noticed that people are often different in private than in business? That changes, that started out positive, eventually went under? That a process is followed even though it feels like a waste of time?

Welcome to systems theory!

Questions I had collected over the years related to change were answered. So many things that had happened in a company that had caused me to lack understanding became explainable through systems theory and now made sense.

This understanding has since helped me to develop more effective interventions for my clients, and to better explain which actions for change make sense, and which do not.

Instead of working on symptoms, I work with my clients to find the root causes. After all, people behave in a way that is consistent with the system, and this is what gives rise to the corporate culture.

With this understanding, we then identify together which framework conditions need to be changed. Only in this context will it be possible to initiate sustainable change.

Nico Bresler – LinkedIn

To stand your ground as a company in a highly dynamic market means constantly questioning and adapting. Today, this is the only way to deal with complexity. The need for change is firmly anchored in daily work.

So far, so good… BUT:

Many companies are “on fire” when it comes to change projects. A team creates glossy slides, so-called “best practices”, “scale something” frameworks and methods are prescribed. In the end, everyone is surprised at the result – namely, even more turmoil, confusion, and even stricter process compliance. These companies don’t really want to change anything. They give themselves a label that suggests something that is not there. A deceptive package, so to speak.

I’m fascinated by companies that are serious about changing collaboration for the better. They take the time to identify the problems and get to the root of the problems. After a very short time, these companies will uncover a gigantic potential and use it to solve their customers’ problems.

Creating value and successfully working together for each other is hard work! Every day!

There is nothing wrong with having problems or having to change things. All people in the company feel that something is going wrong. But it becomes an entrepreneurial risk to ignore these problems or even to aggravate them with half-hearted, superficial and not seriously meant transformation or “change projects”.

Complexity and surprises are part of our lives, professionally and privately. We just have to accept this fact instead of seeing it as a problem. And think about how we can deal with it. Every company already has everything in place to do just that. The people in the company are the key. People want to be effective, let’s let them be!